Recycling Process

All by-products of our tree work are recycled and re-used, nothing is wasted! 

They are processed and utilised and turned into useful products such as: 

Firewood - We can provide well seasoned firewood delivered to your door. 

Timber - Is milled on our mobile saw mill for sale or turned into beautiful rustic bespoke furniture. 

Woodchip and Mulch - Ideal for gardens and children's play areas. Can be delivered. 

Charcoal - Treelife are now producing local, sustainable charcoal. 

Browse - We often deliver browse to Whipsnade Zoo to feed the animals and provide enrichment. 

Bespoke Products - Have a look at our products page to see our latest range of products from seats and swings to chopping boards.

We can also leave the by-products of our work in-situ, we can chip them or neatly stack them as eco-piles to decay in situ, the cost of a job can be greatly reduced as well as providing habitats and nourishment for the soil. 

If you are interested in buying any of our products please contact treelife on 01442 244698.

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